Thank you to those parents who came to see their children’s work and speak to the class / subject teachers last week. I was very impressed by the good attendance.

Also to those who stayed for the AGM, your support is sincerely appreciated.

School Governing Body:

Ms Loutan was unanimously voted in as Chairperson, with Mr. Mkhize elected as Vice-Chairman. Mr. Linda and Mrs. James were re-elected as Treasurer and Secretary respectively.

We congratulate these members and thank them for accepting these very important positions.

Jazz Band:

We enjoyed a wonderful jazz display for our SP learners, organized by Debi Mari from the UKZN music Department, and they were introduced to this very popular genre of music.

School Fees:

Thank you to all those parents who have paid up school fees for the year. We appreciate your commitment to paying your child’s school fees.

Reminder that May fees are now due. School fees are payable monthly in advance.

* Camps have been booked for this year and school fees need to be up to date for your child to be able to attend

Important Dates:

23 April: World Readers Day.
26 April: Workers’ Day Civvies – R10.
We look forward to this day, as our children come dressed to school in clothes of various workers eg. Policemen, nurses, social workers, scientists etc.>
27 April: Freedom Day.
30 April: School Holiday
1 May: Workers’ Day

Happy Freedom and Workers’ Day to all our DPS family.

Please Assist:

We are looking into the possibility of having a speed point machine whereby you can make school fee and shop purchase payments via credit or debit card.
Please indicate by return slip if you would use this method of payment as a preference



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